Best Essential Oils for Headache and Migraine

Throbbing. Pressure. Pain. 

If you’re one of the 80% of people who suffer from tension headaches, the dull ache, the head throbbing then you know what we’re talking about. Staying hydrated, eating healthy and regular meals, and sticking to a consistent sleep schedule can all help stop headaches naturally, but there are a lot of sufferers who are now switching to another natural remedy: essential oils.

But before giving it a try, know that the aromatherapy may not work for everyone and can result in some side effects. And a proper consultation is must before you switch to these essential oils. Made from plant extracts these oils are powerful natural medicines that truly shine when it comes to addressing headaches and migraines. And, unlike many headaches and migraines medications that are replete with horrible side-effects, including liver damage, essential oils are much safer.

Essential oils are considered a form of herbal medicine and holistic healing, and their therapeutic application is often referred to as aromatherapy. They offer multiple health benefits and can relieve muscle tension, stimulate blood flow (especially to the forehead/head),reduce inflammation, balance hormones (especially female), provide pain relief (analgesic), alleviate congestion and respiratory issues, improve sleep quality, act as calmatives and sedatives on your mood, mind, and nervous system.

Here are some of our top picks of the best essential oils with their benefits for headaches and migraines:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Analgesic (pain reliever)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Muscle relaxant 
  • Improves blood circulation
  • It has been found that topical application of this essential oilknowingly reduce tension headache pain after just 15 minutes and effects lasting for over one hour. 
  • The main active ingredient of peppermint essential oil is menthol which creates a cooling effect that can soothe aches and pains 
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Analgesic (pain reliever)
  • Muscle relaxant Improves blood circulation 
  • Opens nasal airways and can alleviate sinus pressure and sinus headaches
  • Inhalation of eucalyptus essential oil has been shown to relieve pain 
  • Anti-inflammatory with cooling effect that can soothe aches and pains 
  • Rosemary oil
  • Analgesic (pain reliever)
  • Improves circulation 
  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Relieves congestion
  • Rosemary essential oil may have a number of benefits for headaches caused by withdrawal syndrome.
  • Chamomile oil 
  • Sedative Properties
  • Analgesic (pain reliever)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • The topical application of chamomile essential oil may be really effective at relieving migraine pain, though more research is needed.    
  • Lavender oil
  • Analgesic (pain reliever)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Vasodilator (dilates blood vessels to prevent muscle tension) 
  • According to a clinical trial published in European Neurology inhalation of lavender essential oil was found to be a possible effective and a safe treatment for the acute management of migraines

You can use essential oils in a number of ways, like diffusing them or mixing them with water and spraying them into the air for the purpose of inhalation, applying topically or ingesting. According to many studies, topical and ingestion of one or more of the above oils tends to yield the best results for headaches. However, not all of these essential oils are suitable for ingestion. Actually, most are not. So, use only the oils that clearly indicate their suitability for internal use. Oil like peppermint tends to be good choices for this purpose.

Regardless which method you choose, ensure you choose a high quality, pure, undiluted essential oil. High quality oils can cost you a lot more than the cheap varieties on the market but are worth the increased price. There are many cheap essential oil available that also contain synthetic versions of the oils, which offer no therapeutic value and may actually be harmful. Divine Aroma offers a wide variety of high quality essential oils that are not tainted with additives, fillers, or other chemicals and are really beneficial for your health. 

“Aromatherapy is a caring, hands on therapy which seeks to induce relaxation, to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to mind, body, and soul.”

-Robert Tisserand